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General Terms and Conditions GTC

Registration, appointment

By booking an appointment by telephone, electronically or in person, the customer enters into a business agreement with Sensual Lounge and thereby accepts the general terms and conditions. If the customer cancels within 24 hours before the appointment without making another appointment, Sensual Lounge is entitled to compensation of 50% of the price of the agreed offer. If the cancellation is made less than 12 hours before the agreed appointment or if the customer does not show up at the agreed appointment, the compensation is 100% of the price of the agreed offer. If the customer is not present at an agreed appointment, Sensual Lounge is obliged to wait up to 15 minutes after the agreed appointment. The Sensual Lounge is not entitled to any monetary compensation from this, but the massage application time will be reduced by the waiting time without any price reduction. In case of a delay longer than 15 minutes, Sensual Lounge may charge the customer 100% of the booked application/treatment. The customer is obliged to pay the invoice. Purchased vouchers and reservations made by credit card, Twint or Ec cannot be refunded.

Medical history

In order to be able to consider possible physical restrictions, a written registration with anamnesis, namely in question form, is carried out for first-time customers. The customer is required in his own interest to indicate pregnancy, allergies, cardiovascular diseases, acute illnesses as well as already existing restrictions on the musculoskeletal system. If a customer does not answer the corresponding questions or answers them incompletely, no massage and/or wellness treatment can be performed on the customer!

General services

The offered massages/treatments in the Sensual Lounge are exclusively for relaxation, well-being, relaxation and activation of self-healing powers. The massage treatments do not constitute therapy and are not a substitute for a visit to a doctor. No diagnoses are made or promises of healing made. The massage treatments are carried out in consultation with the customer and are performed only on healthy persons. Therefore, the customer is obligated to provide truthful information about his or her state of health to Sensual Lounge. All information will of course be treated confidentially. If you suffer from health disorders, we ask you to consult your doctor in advance. We do not provide medical treatment or physiotherapy. No medical diagnoses are made for the customer, as our treatments are only for general well-being and prevention. If, despite expert application, consequential damages occur due to a customer concealing reasons for exclusion, Sensual Lounge is exempt from any liability. The same applies to damages that occur because a reason for exclusion was not known to the customer himself and was not recognizable to Sensual Lounge. In case of medical conditions such as allergies, physical limitations, pressure-sensitive skin, cardiovascular diseases and/or pregnancy, Sensual Lounge recommends a customer to inform a doctor about the intended massage or wellness application/treatment beforehand, so that the doctor can approve an application/treatment if necessary. An application/treatment with a full stomach or under the influence of alcohol is not recommended.

The place of jurisdiction for all disputes is Zurich. Sensual Lounge reserves the right to make changes to the General Terms and Conditions without prior notice.

Cash payment is welcome. We accept prepayment, PayPal, major credit cards Post Debit Card or Twint.

The costs are as follows and apply from 2023.

Payments up to 200.-/3.-to 300.-/5.-to 400.-7.-to 500.-/10.-to 700.-12.-from 700.-15.-