Training Tantra Massage

Training Tantra Massage for Him & Her

The Tantra Massage training, which intensively bridges through holistic touching and feeling, exploring and experiencing on a physical and spiritual level.
The Tantra Massage training is suitable to the learned about the high art of erotic seduction into your private life or to let the Tantra massage professionally.
A tantric massage ritual can open up new experiences in your sexuality.
The Tantric massage lets you/you dive into an erotic and sensual experience. It is not about sexual satisfaction, but about being touched holistically.
The human being is perceived as a whole. New levels of passion and ecstasy can be discovered.
The learned massage can be a gift for your loved ones and a valuable enrichment for your own erotic quality of life.

The training includes:

- Basics, theory, basic knowledge
- Massage technique, massage strokes and application
- Structure of a massage
- Ritual, manners
- history, tradition
- the art of touching without intention
- Sensing, experiencing, exploring

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The course can also be completed on a weekend Sat-Sun on request. Normally 1-2 lessons per week are planned.