Aroma Oil Thai Massage

Aroma oil massage takes place on the massage table.
The entire body is attentively touched, rediscovered and experienced.

With soothing hand movements, the essential oil is massaged into the skin, stimulating the energy lines of the body. Emotional tensions are released and the life energy can flow unhindered through the whole body again. "Give yourself what you need to come into your center and your power."

Experienced hands guide you during the aroma oil Thai massage mindfully and accompany you into the world under your skin - to an encounter with yourself. You are allowed to let yourself fall completely, there is nothing to do ... just be ...The massage is structured so that the entire body is felt as a unit, as a whole. Afterwards you feel energized, vitalized, touched and nourished all around.

Non erotic massages

Partial body massages

70.- Sfr/ €
100.- Sfr/ €
30 min
45 min

Conventional massages

Classic, Sport, Relax-Wellness, Thai, Aroma Oil, Pregnancy

120.- Sfr/ €60 min

Lomi Lomi Massage

130.- Sfr/ €60 min

Extensions conventional massages

20.- Sfr/ €15 min

Whirlpool can be booked additionally from 20 min.


Single whirlpool stay

30.- Sfr/ €
20 min

Pair whirlpool stay

40.- Sfr/ €20 min


10.- Sfr/ €per 10 min