Classic massage

A full body massage that is very relaxing, stress relieving and beneficial to the whole body. The senses are also sharpened. The well-known, classical massage is effective for muscle tension, hardening, headaches, irritable bowel syndrome or exhaustion syndromes. Skillful hand movements of varying strength by the masseur target the skin, subcutaneous tissue and muscles. The classic massage can be applied as a partial or full body massage. The partial body massage can include back, neck, legs, buttocks and abdomen, individually according to your wishes. During trigger point therapy, hardenings are localized and released.

Also as partial body massage, 30 or 45 min.

Head-face massage of approx. 15 min can be booked additionally as an extension.

Non erotic massages

Partial body massages

70.- Sfr/ €
100.- Sfr/ €
30 min
45 min

Conventional massages

Classic, Sport, Relax-Wellness, Thai, Aroma Oil, Pregnancy

120.- Sfr/ €60 min

Lomi Lomi Massage

130.- Sfr/ €60 min

Extensions conventional massages

20.- Sfr/ €15 min

Whirlpool can be booked additionally from 20 min.


Single whirlpool stay

30.- Sfr/ €
20 min

Pair whirlpool stay

40.- Sfr/ €20 min


10.- Sfr/ €per 10 min