4- Hand massage

The 4 hand massage, "quatros manos" is performed with a lot of oil and takes place on a futon.

Our four-hand massage is a very pleasurable experience for true connoisseurs. Masseuse and masseur pamper you simultaneously and synchronously. celebrate on you an incomparable, sensual touch - choreography. Dive into a world full of tender sensuality.

At the beginning of the massage, the oil is applied over a large area of the body of the person being treated. During the massage, an attempt is made to establish the greatest possible physical contact between the participants. Strong touch sensations are triggered, which should have a stress-reducing effect. Towards the end of the massage, more time is devoted especially to the intimate zones. The orgasm is "almost" inevitable.

Erotic massages

Sensual Touch

150.- Sfr/ €
190.- Sfr/ €
45 min
60 min

Lomi Lomi Sens

220.- Sfr/ €60 min


270.- Sfr/ €60 min


270.- Sfr/ €60 min

Body to Body Asia Massage

270.- Sfr/ €60 min

Extensions erotic massages

50.- Sfr/ €15 min

4 - Hand Sensual Touch Massages

400.- Sfr/ €60 min

4 - Hand massages on futon

500.- Sfr/ €60 min

Extension 4 hand massages

100.- Sfr/ €15 min

Shower ritual

30.– Sfr/ €

10 min

Whirlpool can be booked additionally from 20 min.


Single whirlpool stay

30.- Sfr/ €
20 min

Pair whirlpool stay

40.- Sfr/ €20 min


10.- Sfr/ €per 10 min