Bondantra massage

BDSM massage

In everyday life, we are steered by societal values and shackled by moral constraints. From an early age, we are taught values that help us fit into society and moral values that allow us to distinguish good from evil, right from wrong. However, we all have different characters and characteristics, views, needs. Bondantra is for people who are ready to forget the social and moral values and just be themselves. No mask, no lie, no theatrics. Enjoy, experience and explore life, feel yourself, your soul and your body.

Bondantra is to help you overcome the sensual, erotic hurdles, open doors in a cozy, safe environment under my company with a lot of love and friendship, respect, discretion and transparency. Let yourself be seduced and enchanted in our beautiful, cozy Sensual Lounge in the heart-flooded room during a Bondantra massage.

Bondantra, the ritual.

After you arrive and the initial nervousness quickly turns into positive, sensual anticipation, we discuss the details of the procedure and the type, duration and intensity of the massage, according to your wishes and expectations.

You can choose between three variations of the Bondantra ritual.

- Basic

- Scythe

- Intense

Basic is the ritual we would recommend for beginners and curious people who have little to no experience with bondage, do not know us or know little. The ritual is very similar to a Tantra massage and is a good start to a new experience.

Sense is the right thing for her/him who would like to feel the masseur more closely and intensively, is already familiar with her/him and also allows, desires and seeks more intimacy.

Intense is after Basic and Sense, the more intense variant with increased B&D, D&S elements associated with light chastisement and suitable for women & men with experience in the field. Also for the woman and the man who gives us his/her full trust and knows that nothing happens what she/he does not want.

After the conversation, the shower follows to freshen you up, wash away the daily routine and stress, and prepare you for the journey. You are then wrapped in a lungi and blindfolded and led into the room. With sensual, oriental scents and an initial warmth surrounding you, the room is your home for the next while. With suitable, stimulating music, you will first come into contact with a wide variety of materials and objects in a standing position with your hands bound. Depending on the variation you have chosen, the intensity and excitement will be different. Also different is how and how intensely you will feel me, my hands, my breath or even my body. Then you will be slowly undressed and tied and fixed in a lying position on your hands and feet. The touches and caresses then go into a massage ritual where you can completely let yourself go. How much and how intimate, we have discussed in advance and / or you will show or tell me at this time. More I would not reveal here because words and stories can never replace the experience.

Bondantra should always be based on SSC (Safe, Sane and Consensual) i.e. Safe, Sane and Voluntary!

We want to emphasize that you will never lose control, no matter how short the moment, and you can always go back, stop, or just let yourself be pampered in the usual way, if you come to the realization that Bondantra is not what you want after all.

You also determine how far the intimate massage and how intense the intimate touches in the massage may go.

The massage is structured so that the entire body can be felt as a sensual instrument. Afterwards you feel energized, vitalized, touched all around and nourished.

What does BDSM actually mean?

BDSM is an abbreviation composed of three parts:

B&D = Bondage and Discipline / Bondage and Discipline

D&S = Dominance and Submission / Dominance and Submission

S&M = Sadism and Masochism / Sadism and Masochism

The term bondage, which comes from the English language, means, among other things, bondage or bondage and refers within the BDSM scene to practices of restraint or restriction of freedom of movement. The goal is predominantly sexual stimulation and denotes sexual excitability through restrictions or bondage.(Source Wikipedia).

Erotic massages

Sensual Touch

150.- Sfr/ €
190.- Sfr/ €
45 min
60 min

Lomi Lomi Sens

220.- Sfr/ €60 min


270.- Sfr/ €60 min


270.- Sfr/ €60 min

Body to Body Asia Massage

270.- Sfr/ €60 min

Extensions erotic massages

50.- Sfr/ €15 min

4 - Hand Sensual Touch Massages

400.- Sfr/ €60 min

4 - Hand massages on futon

500.- Sfr/ €60 min

Extension 4 hand massages

100.- Sfr/ €15 min

Shower ritual

30.– Sfr/ €

10 min

BDSM Session

380.- Sfr/ €
430.- Sfr/ €
75 min
90 min

Whirlpool can be booked additionally from 20 min.


Single whirlpool stay

30.- Sfr/ €
20 min

Pair whirlpool stay

40.- Sfr/ €20 min


10.- Sfr/ €per 10 min