Sensual Touch Massage

A sensual, erotic massage consists of gentle, mindful stroking and tender caressing of your whole body, which means that the intimate area is massaged as well and in the best case will lead you to a climax that you can experience from the whole body and not as "genital restricted" as you might otherwise know it. Yoni massage brings the woman back into contact with these levels and especially with herself. This also enriches the partnership: because if she knows her needs, she can communicate them to her partner.

The Lingam massage is considered a holistic relaxation method for men. It focuses on the male intimate area, as the name already reveals

The goal is for you to completely let go and totally relax.

The Sensual Touch massage takes place on a massage couch.

Erotic massages

Sensual Touch

150.- Sfr/ €
190.- Sfr/ €
45 min
60 min

Lomi Lomi Sens

220.- Sfr/ €60 min


270.- Sfr/ €60 min


270.- Sfr/ €60 min

Body to Body Asia Massage

270.- Sfr/ €60 min

Extensions erotic massages

50.- Sfr/ €15 min

4 - Hand Sensual Touch Massages

400.- Sfr/ €60 min

4 - Hand massages on futon

500.- Sfr/ €60 min

Extension 4 hand massages

100.- Sfr/ €15 min

Shower ritual

30.– Sfr/ €

10 min

Whirlpool can be booked additionally from 20 min.


Single whirlpool stay

30.- Sfr/ €
20 min

Pair whirlpool stay

40.- Sfr/ €20 min


10.- Sfr/ €per 10 min